10 Delicious Snacks to Bring on an Orienteering Trip: Top Choices for Energy

July 03, 2024 10 min read

Orienteering trips can be thrilling adventures, combining the excitement of navigating through nature with the physical challenge of the hike. As you traverse various terrains, having the right snacks can keep you energized and focused on reaching your checkpoints.

A variety of snacks arranged on a checkered picnic blanket in a lush forest clearing, with a compass and map nearby. The snacks include trail mix, granola bars, fruit, and nuts

Selecting the right snacks is crucial for maintaining energy levels and staying alert. You need to pack snacks that are nutritious, easy to carry, and enjoyable to eat. This article will guide you on what delicious options to consider for your next orienteering trip.

1) Clif Bar Chocolate Chip

A table with a variety of snacks, including Clif Bar Chocolate Chip, is laid out in front of a map and compass

Clif Bar Chocolate Chip is a favorite for many outdoor enthusiasts. It offers a balanced mix of carbohydrates, protein, and fiber to fuel your body during long orienteering trips.

You can count on this snack to provide sustained energy without weighing you down. Each bar contains around 250 calories, making it a substantial yet portable option.

The taste is another strong point. The chocolate chips add sweetness without being overpowering. Its chewy texture makes it easy to eat on the go.

Packed with organic ingredients, including rolled oats, this bar is also a more natural choice. No artificial flavors or preservatives are used.

Its convenient packaging slips easily into any pocket or backpack, so you can grab it quickly when needed. The durability of the wrapper ensures it won’t get crushed like softer snacks might.

Nutritionally, Clif Bar Chocolate Chip offers 10 grams of protein per bar, along with essential vitamins and minerals. This makes it not just a source of quick energy but also a more complete snack option.

The balance of carbs and protein helps you maintain your energy levels over extended periods. This is particularly useful during physically demanding activities like orienteering.

Overall, this snack combines flavor, nutrition, and convenience. You can rely on it to keep you going strong throughout your trip.

2) Kind Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt

A pile of dark chocolate-covered nuts and sea salt sits on a rustic wooden table, surrounded by a map, compass, and hiking gear

Kind Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt bars offer an excellent blend of flavors. This snack combines rich dark chocolate with crunchy nuts and a touch of sea salt. The result is a satisfying treat that appeals to a variety of taste preferences.

These bars are also convenient to pack. They come individually wrapped, making them easy to stow in your backpack. You won’t have to worry about them getting crushed or ruined during your trip.

In addition to their taste, these bars provide a good energy boost. They contain a mix of healthy fats, protein, and sugars. This makes them a practical option for sustaining your energy levels while navigating challenging terrain.

The ingredients in Kind bars are simple and recognizable. You can feel good about eating them as they don’t contain artificial preservatives or fillers. This aligns well with many dietary preferences and restrictions.

Kind bars are also relatively stable in various weather conditions. They don’t melt easily, so you don’t have to worry about them becoming a mess during warm weather. Their sturdy packaging further ensures they remain intact.

All these attributes make Kind Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt bars a smart choice for your orienteering trip. This snack not only tastes good but also serves a functional purpose.

3) Cheddar Cheese Rice Cakes

A table with a variety of snacks laid out, including cheddar cheese rice cakes, surrounded by a map, compass, and hiking gear

Cheddar cheese rice cakes offer a savory and crunchy option for your orienteering trip. These snacks are lightweight, making them easy to pack and carry.

Rice cakes provide a satisfying crunch and are available in convenient, single-serving packs. They are also less likely to get crushed compared to other snacks.

The cheddar cheese flavor adds a tasty twist, providing a burst of flavor with each bite. These rice cakes are also a good source of low-calorie energy, helping you stay fueled without feeling heavy.

They are easy to eat on the go and don’t require any utensils. This makes them a practical choice for outdoor activities.

Cheddar cheese rice cakes often have a longer shelf life, meaning they stay fresh throughout your trip. This can be especially helpful for multi-day adventures.

4) RXBAR Blueberry Protein Bar

A colorful RXBAR Blueberry Protein Bar sits among 10 assorted snacks on a rustic map, compass, and backpack, ready for an orienteering trip

RXBAR Blueberry Protein Bar makes an excellent choice for your orienteering trip. This bar is packed with 12 grams of protein, ensuring you stay fueled during your adventure. The protein comes from egg whites, which are known for their high-quality, easily digestible protein content.

The ingredients are straightforward. Dates, almonds, cashews, and blueberries form the core. These provide the bar with natural sweetness and a satisfying crunch. The blueberries add a burst of fruity flavor, making each bite enjoyable.

This bar is free from added sugars and artificial flavors. You also won't find any gluten, soy, or dairy in the ingredient list. This makes it suitable for those with specific dietary restrictions or preferences.

The compact size of the RXBAR Blueberry Protein Bar is convenient. It fits easily into your backpack, taking up minimal space. Also, the wrapper is durable, so you don't need to worry about it getting crushed.

Each bar contains around 210 calories. This balance of nutrients will help you maintain energy levels. The combination of protein, fats, and carbohydrates provides a steady release of energy without a sugar crash.

Carrying these bars requires no special preparation. They are ready to eat straight from the pack. This makes them perfect for quick snacking during short breaks on the trail.

5) Fruit Leather Strips

Fruit leather strips are a fantastic addition to your orienteering snack collection. They are lightweight and easy to pack. You can tuck them into any corner of your backpack without worrying about them getting squished.

These strips are made from pureed and dried fruits, which helps retain most of the fruit’s natural vitamins and minerals. This makes them both tasty and nutritious.

Many fruit leather options are available in various flavors. From classic apple to exotic mango, there's something for everyone. Choose your favorite or mix and match for variety.

Fruit leather also has a long shelf life. This is ideal for extended trips where fresh fruit might not last. You can enjoy the natural sweetness without any added sugars or preservatives.

When picking out fruit leather at the store, look for those with minimal ingredients. Ideally, it should just be fruit and perhaps a bit of lemon juice. This ensures you are getting a healthy snack without unnecessary additives.

You can even make fruit leather at home if you prefer DIY options. Homemade versions allow you to control the ingredients completely. Blend your preferred fruits, spread the puree thin on a baking sheet, and dry it out in a low oven.

These strips are also great for sharing. Tear off a piece and hand it to a fellow orienteer without breaking your stride.

Fruit leather strips provide convenient energy boosts. The natural sugars in the fruit give you a quick pick-me-up, helpful during long treks.

6) Planters Trail Mix

A variety of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits are scattered across a rustic wooden table, with a backpack and map in the background

Planters Trail Mix is a staple for any orienteering trip. This mix includes a perfect blend of nuts, raisins, and chocolate pieces, offering both energy and flavor.

You can enjoy the mix straight from the pack, making it incredibly convenient. It fits into any backpack pocket, ensuring you can snack on the go without hassle.

Each serving provides a good amount of protein and healthy fats. These nutrients keep you fueled and satisfied during long hikes. Plus, the chocolate adds a touch of sweetness to keep your spirits high.

7) Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars

Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars are a reliable and tasty snack option for your orienteering trip. They're made from a blend of whole grain oats and honey.

These bars are individually wrapped, making them easy to pack and carry. Just slip a few into your backpack, and you’re set.

They provide a good balance of carbohydrates and protein, fueling your energy on the go. Each bite delivers a satisfying crunch that's both tasty and wholesome.

You can also choose from a variety of flavors, such as Oats 'n Honey, Peanut Butter, and Apple Crisp. This variety keeps your snacks interesting during your trip.

Their durability is another plus. They don't melt or get squished easily, even if your backpack takes a tumble. This ensures you have an intact snack when you need it.

They’re also relatively low in sodium, which is beneficial for maintaining hydration. Keep these in mind when planning your next outdoor adventure.

8) LARABAR Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

A table spread with 10 LARABAR Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip snacks, surrounded by a map, compass, and hiking gear

LARABAR Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip is a great choice for your orienteering snack. It combines the rich flavors of peanut butter and chocolate in a convenient bar. The blend of wholesome ingredients ensures you get a tasty and nutritious boost.

Each bar contains a mix of dates, peanuts, chocolate chips, and sea salt. These ingredients offer a balance of carbohydrates, healthy fats, and protein.

This snack is gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO, catering to various dietary needs. Its compact size makes it easy to pack in your backpack.

You can enjoy LARABAR Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip without worrying about artificial additives. The natural sweetness from the dates complements the peanut butter and chocolate chips perfectly.

This snack helps sustain your energy levels during physically demanding activities like orienteering. It’s both delicious and practical for on-the-go nourishment.

It's simple and natural composition ensures that you get the energy boost required without extra additives.

9) Quaker Oats Granola Bars

A table displays Quaker Oats Granola Bars in various flavors, surrounded by a compass, map, and backpack. Trees and mountains are visible in the background

Quaker Oats Granola Bars are a convenient and nutritious option for your orienteering trip. Packed with wholesome ingredients, they provide a quick burst of energy to keep you going when you need it most.

These granola bars are easy to pack and won't take up much space in your backpack. They come in various flavors, making it easy to find one that suits your taste preferences.

Beyond their great taste, Quaker Oats Granola Bars are a good source of fiber and whole grains. This makes them a healthier option compared to many other snack choices available on the market.

The bars are also individually wrapped, making them easy to handle and less likely to crumble. This durability is especially useful when you're out in the field and need something reliable.

10) Honey Stinger Organic Waffle

A colorful assortment of Honey Stinger Organic Waffles, nuts, and fruits laid out on a checkered picnic blanket in a lush forest clearing

Honey Stinger Organic Waffles are perfect for an orienteering trip. They offer a quick source of energy. You can easily carry them in your pack.

These waffles are organic and made with natural ingredients. They provide a balanced mix of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. This balance helps maintain your energy levels throughout the day.

The texture is light and crispy, making them enjoyable to eat. You won't find them overly sweet, which can be a plus during long treks. Each bite is flavorful but not overwhelming.

Honey Stinger Organic Waffles come in various flavors. Options include vanilla, chocolate, and honey. You can pick your favorite or try a variety pack.

These snacks are individually wrapped. This makes them convenient to grab on the go. You can avoid mess and keep them fresh for a longer time.

They are also suitable for different dietary needs. They're gluten-free and non-GMO. These factors make them a versatile choice for many hikers.

Packing a few of these waffles ensures you have a reliable snack. They fit easily in small pockets or compartments. You'll appreciate their convenience and energy boost during your journey.

Nutritional Requirements for Orienteering

A backpack open on the ground, filled with various snacks like nuts, dried fruit, energy bars, and water bottles. A map and compass are laid out next to the snacks

Orienteering requires a balance of energy-dense foods and proper hydration to maintain stamina and focus during long, physically demanding activities. Planning your nutrition effectively ensures you perform at your best.

Energy Needs

Orienteering demands high energy due to constant movement and navigation. You should focus on carbohydrates as they provide quick energy. Whole grains, like oatmeal or whole wheat bread, are excellent choices. Pairing these with lean proteins, such as turkey or low-fat cheese, helps sustain energy.

Fats are also vital for long-duration activities. Healthy options include nuts, seeds, and avocados. Electrolytes, lost through sweat, can be replenished by consuming bananas, yogurt, or dedicated sports gels. Aim for a mix of macronutrients to keep your energy levels steady throughout your adventure.

Hydration Tips

Staying hydrated is crucial for peak performance. You should drink water regularly, not just when you're thirsty. Carry a reusable bottle or hydration pack and aim for small, frequent sips. Electrolyte drinks can help replace lost salts, especially in hot weather.

Consider foods with high water content, such as cucumbers or oranges, to supplement your fluid intake. Avoid caffeinated or sugary drinks as they can lead to dehydration. Monitoring your urine color can also help; pale yellow indicates proper hydration, while darker urine suggests you need more fluids.

Packaging Tips for Snacks

A colorful array of snack packages arranged neatly in a backpack, surrounded by a compass, map, and hiking gear. The snacks include granola bars, trail mix, and dried fruit, ready for an orienteering trip

Effective snack packaging for an orienteering trip requires balancing lightweight options with minimizing waste. These tips will ensure your snacks remain protected while keeping your load manageable and environmentally friendly.

Lightweight Packaging

Choose resealable plastic bags for packaging snacks. These are lightweight and can be compressed, saving space in your backpack. Silicone bags are a durable, reusable alternative if you want to avoid single-use plastics.

Avoid heavy containers like glass jars or bulky packaging. Opt instead for foil wraps or lightweight containers made from biodegradable materials. Carry only the portions you need to reduce weight.

Utilize packaging that serves multiple purposes. For example, boot liners can double as makeshift food storage, ensuring you carry less overall.

Minimizing Waste

Select reusable bags or containers to reduce waste. Silicone and cloth bags are excellent choices since they can be cleaned and reused multiple times. If you prefer single-use bags, look for compostable or biodegradable options.

Pre-portion your snacks to eliminate excess packaging. This will not only minimize waste but also make your snacks more convenient to eat. For example, portion nuts and trail mix into small bags, making them easy to grab on the go.

Remove unnecessary external packaging before your trip. This reduces the amount of trash you need to carry out.

Storing Snacks During the Trip

A backpack open on the ground, filled with various snacks such as granola bars, trail mix, and dried fruit. A water bottle and a small cooler are nearby to keep the snacks fresh during the trip

When heading out on an orienteering trip, proper snack storage is essential. Keep snacks safe and fresh by using airtight containers or resealable bags. This prevents spills and keeps critters away.

Separate types of snacks to avoid cross-contamination. Use small, labeled containers for nuts, fruits, and energy bars. Pack perishable items in a small cooler with ice packs.

Quick Tips:

  • Use lightweight packaging.
  • Store snacks in easy-to-reach compartments.
  • Keep a trash bag for wrappers.

If space is limited, vacuum-sealed bags can maximize storage. They also keep snacks fresher for longer periods.

Recommended Containers

Type Purpose
Resealable Bags Lightweight and versatile
Small Coolers Keeps perishable items fresh
Airtight Jars Ideal for nuts and dried fruits

Before your trip, check the storage options in your backpack. Allocate compartments for different types of snacks to ensure easy access during the journey.