What Color Headlamp for Night Fishing?

April 01, 2022 6 min read

Night fishing is a hobby that many anglers and fishing enthusiasts engage in, particularly in the summer when the weather can be incredibly hot. A light source is essential when fishing at night time, but finding the right light for your fishing can be tricky. The color of the light you use will determine how well you see and what type of fish you’ll attract. Knowing which color works best for your style of fishing will help you find success on the water. 

With this in mind, we are going to be taking a look at what colors of headlamp are the most appropriate to keep you safe and well-lit whilst also acting effectively as you fish.

What Are Night Fishing Headlamps?

A night fishing headlamp is basically an LED flashlight with a special lens attached to its front end. This allows the user to shine their light into the surrounding area where they want to cast their line or bait. It does not have any sort of reflective surface so it doesn’t reflect off of other objects as a regular flashlight would. Instead, it shines directly towards whatever it is aimed at.

Why Use A Headlamp When Fishing At Night?

There are many reasons why people choose to use a headlamp instead of a normal flashlight. One reason is that it has much more power than a standard flashlight. It allows you to illuminate areas that a normal flashlight wouldn’t be able to reach. Another reason is that it is more convenient to use whilst fishing as it keeps your hands free.

How Do I Choose Which Light Is Right For Me?

There are many different types of lights available out there. Some of them are designed specifically for night fishing while others are meant to be used during the day. You should always make sure that the light you buy is one that is suitable for the time of year you plan to use it. 

If you intend to use it in the winter months then you should get something that is waterproof and won’t freeze up if it gets wet. If you plan to use it in the summertime during the day as well as at night, then you need to ensure that it is UV resistant. Also, check that it has a high lumen output. This means that it produces a lot of light and will give you plenty of illumination.

Types Of Lights Available

There are two basic types of lights that are most common when it comes to night fishing headlamps. These are the incandescent and the LED. Both of these options offer very similar benefits when it comes to night fishing. They both provide a lot of illumination and are easy to handle. The main difference between the two is that the LED uses far less energy than the incandescent bulb. As such, it lasts longer and uses less battery life.

Incandescent Bulbs

Incandescent bulbs are widely used and come in many different sizes and shapes. The biggest advantage of using an incandescent light over an LED is that it produces a lot of heat. This means that it will warm up the surrounding air. In addition, it will give off a lot of light. This makes it perfect for illuminating large areas, but be careful when wearing one with a headlamp. You'll want to make sure that your head is protected from the heat of the light.


LEDs are becoming increasingly popular. They are extremely efficient and produce little heat. They are also very durable. This is because they don’t contain toxic chemicals inside them. LEDs also last a long time and can even be recycled. They are also very small, which makes them ideal for smaller spaces.

Batteries for Night Fishing Headlamps

The batteries that are required by night fishing headlamps vary depending on what type of light you are using. There are three common types of batteries that are used. These include AA, AAA, and D cells. 

All of these work well, but some may require more frequent charging than others. You can also invest in a rechargeable headlamp. This way you won’t need to worry about buying new batteries every few weeks.

Which Type Should I Buy?

The best type of light depends entirely on what you plan to do with it. If you are going to be casting lines from a boat, then you will want a light that has a wide beam pattern. This way, you will have better visibility. If you are just looking to illuminate a specific spot, then you will want to go with a light that has a narrow beam pattern.

Night Fishing Headlamp Colors

When choosing a headlamp, it is important to remember that not all colors are created equal. Different colors have different levels of brightness. When buying a headlamp, look at the color temperature rating. This will tell you how bright the light is. Most headlamps have a color temperature range of 3000K-6500K. Anything above this number will be too bright for most activities. A good rule of thumb is that anything below 5000K is too dim.

When shopping for a headlamp, make sure that you get one that has multiple settings. This way, you can choose the level of brightness that works best for you. It is also important to know that some headlamps have a low setting as well as a high setting. This allows you to adjust the amount of light coming from the lamp.

It is important to remember that no matter what kind of light you purchase, it needs to be watertight in order to be used for night fishing. If you don’t have a waterproof light then you could end up ruining your expensive equipment. Therefore, it is advisable to only buy lights that are waterproof.

Which Colors Of Lights Work Best For Night Fishing?

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a headlamp is the color of the light that it emits. The main colors that are used are white and yellow, though there are others available. White light is perfect for illuminating the water so that you can see any approaching fish easier. Yellow light is ideal for attracting fish because it mimics the natural light emitted by the sun. 

However, some people prefer using red or orange lights as these tend to produce less glare and are easier to aim at. Let's take a closer look at the most common colors of headlamps for night fishing. 

White and Yellow

White is a very bright light to use when it comes to night fishing. Because of this, white provides brilliant visibility. However, it isn’t always the best choice for attracting fish. Yellow light tends to be more effective at attracting fish due to its similarity to sunlight. 

Red and Orange

Red light is often recommended for night fishing as it is easy to aim and gives you excellent visibility. It is also very bright and will attract fish. However, this type of light is highly visible to humans which makes it a bit more unsuitable for night time fishing. An orange light is similar to red but it is slightly dimmer and more spread out, making it an ideal light color for night fishing as it creates less glare and is easier to aim.

Other Colors of Headlamp for Night Fishing


Blue light is a great option if you want to attract fish. It is very bright and produces little glare, making it ideal for night fishing. It also attracts fish very easily. However, blue light doesn't work well with other types of lighting such as flashlights or strobes. It is also difficult to see in murky waters. 


Green light is a popular option for night fishing. It produces a softer glow than other colors and is great for attracting fish. Green is also a great choice if you want to catch fish without having to worry about getting them hooked on something else. 


Purple light is another good option for night fishing. Like green, purple produces a soft glow and is great for attracting small fish. It is also suitable for catching large fish. However, like blue light, purple does not work well with flashes or other types of lighting. 

How Much Light Do Headlamps Give Off?

One of the biggest questions that people ask is “how much light does a headlamp give off?” The answer is actually pretty simple. Headlamps come in many different sizes. In fact, there are headlamps that are so powerful that they can even be used underwater. As such, the size of the headlamp will determine how much light it produces.

The next question that people ask is ‘how far away can I see with a headlamp?’ Again, this is an easy question to answer. All you need to do is multiply the power of the headlamp by its distance. So, if you were looking at something 10 feet away, you would multiply the power of the lamp by 10. If you wanted to see something 20 feet away, you would simply multiply the power of the light by 20.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right color night fishing headlamp is extremely important. Not only will it help you to see better at night, but it will also allow you to stand out from the crowd. There are plenty of options available today. Just take time and do your research before making your purchase and you should find the best color headlamp that will suit you best for night fishing.