What Is 365nm UV Light Used For?

April 08, 2022 5 min read

UV light is some of the most powerful light out there, it's capable of so much. It can be used to cure resins, harden plastics and even kill bacteria. It was discovered in the 1800s by the German physicist, Johann Wilhelm Ritter Von Hoehn when Ritter discovered a reaction between the invisible rays at the end of the spectrum (UV light) and the silver chloride paper he was using in his observations.  He noticed that the UV rays darkened the paper much quicker than the visible rays.

Since then, we've come a long way with our use of UV light and have discovered just how powerful it came to be. None more powerful than 365nm UV light.  

What Is 365nm UV Light, And What Is It Used For?

365nm is a wavelength that we have found to be very effective at killing bacteria such as MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus). This is because it has a high enough energy level to break down the cell wall of the bacteria.

365nm UV Light is a type of germicidal or germ-killing light using that wavelength. This light kills germs such as viruses, bacteria, mold spores, fungi, and more. It also helps prevent the growth of these organisms on surfaces.

The wavelength of this light is between 320 nm and 400 nm which means it is in the ultraviolet spectrum. The shorter wavelengths are more energetic than the longer ones.

This energy is absorbed by organic materials like skin cells, hair, fabrics, plastics, wood, paper, paint and other substances. The UV rays cause chemical reactions within the material that either destroy the cell wall or cause it to change its molecular structure.

This process is called photochemical reaction.

The reason this wavelength is so good at killing bacteria is that it is in the middle of the spectrum between visible light and UVC light. Visible light is too weak to penetrate the skin and therefore not useful for curing or disinfecting. UVC light on the other hand is too strong and will damage your eyes. The best wavelengths are those that fall within the middle of the spectrum.

How does 365nm UV light work?

The wavelength of UV light is very small compared to other wavelengths of light. This means that the energy from the UV light is concentrated in a smaller area. When this happens, the molecules are excited and they start vibrating. These vibrations cause chemical changes within the molecule.

Why Does 365nm Work So Well For Bacteria Killing?

The reason 365nm works so well for killing bacteria is because it falls into the middle of the spectrum where both visible light and UVC are more effective than either one alone. When you combine these two wavelengths together they cancel each other out and leave only the desired effect.

How Does 365nm Kill Bacteria?

When you expose bacteria to 365nm light it causes the DNA inside the cells to become damaged. This damages the DNA which then stops the cells from functioning properly. Eventually, the cells die off and the bacteria no longer exist.

How Can I Use 365nm To Cure Resins And Harden Plastics?

You can use 365nm to cure resins and harden plastics. You simply need to place the resin or plastic onto a piece of glass or acrylic sheet and expose them to the light.

How Do I Use 365nm To Kill Bacteria In A Water System?

You can also use 365nm to kill bacteria in water systems. Simply add the appropriate amount of bleach to the water and let it sit for 10 minutes before using. After 10 minutes, the water should be safe to drink again.

Are There Any Side Effects From Using 365nm Light?

There are no known side effects from using 365nm light. However, if you do get any sunburns after exposing yourself to the light it may cause you to tan darker than normal. If you want to avoid getting a tan try wearing sunscreen when exposed to the light.

Can I Use 365nm Light On My Skin?

Yes, you can use 365nm light on your skin. Just make sure to wear protective clothing when doing so.

Are There Other Uses Of 365nm Light?

365nm light is used for many things besides just killing bacteria. Some examples include:

Curing Resin – You can use 365nm light to cure the resin. This is commonly done during construction projects.

Hardening Plastic – You can use 365mw light to harden plastics. This is commonly done by dentists and doctors.

Disinfecting Surfaces – You can use 365nm light to disinfect surfaces. This is common practice in hospitals.

Deodorizing – You can use 365nm light to deodorize rooms. This is often done in hotels.

Drying Out Paint – You can use 365nm light to dry out the paint. This is commonly done in painting shops.

Harden Wood – You can use 365nm light to harden the wood. This is commonly done with furniture.

Kill Mold – You can use 365nm light to kill mold. This is commonly done when cleaning houses.

Kill Carpet Fungi – You can use 365nm light to kill carpet fungi. This is commonly done on carpets.

Kill Insects – You can use 365nm light to kill insects. This is commonly done around homes.

Keep House Plants Healthy – You can use 365nm light to feed houseplants. Because of the UV light imitating the sun, this can kick-start the photosynthesis process and help your plants grow up nice and strong. This is commonly done to keep plants healthy.

Kill Dust Mites – You can use 365nm light to kill dust mites. This is commonly done while cleaning houses.

Kill Bed Bugs – You can use 365nm light to kill bed bugs. This is commonly done at hotels.

Do I Need Special Equipment To Use 365nm Light?

Yes, you need special equipment to use 365nm light. You need an ultraviolet lamp with a quartz sleeve and a power supply. The quartz sleeve will protect you from the harmful rays that come off the lamp. The power supply converts electricity into the right voltage needed to run the lamp.

Where Can I Buy 365nm Ultraviolet Lamps?

There are several places online where you can buy 365nm lamps. Most good retailers will stock the bulbs, like Walmart or Shopeverbeam. 

How Much Does A 365nm Ultraviolet Lamp Cost?

The cost of a 365nm ultraviolet lamp depends on what kind of bulb you buy. For example, some lamps have a quartz sleeve which costs more than others.

Final Thoughts…

365nm UV light is likely single-handedly responsible for a lot of human advancement. Without the ability to kill bacteria as it can, we would have much fewer sanitary hospitals, leading to a higher mortality rate and an all-around more infected society. There's no telling what kind of viruses, diseases, and resistant mutations would have developed without it.

It also helps us live longer and healthier lives. So if you're looking for a way to make your life better, consider buying yourself a 365nm UV light. You don't just have to use it for disinfecting, there are tons of great uses for 365nm UV light that we've gone over. We hope this article helped you understand more about 365nm UV light.