Everbeam Bike Cleat Sets 001 - 2 Pack, 4 Cleats

  • Get back your stability with Precision 2-Hole Bike Cleats! These replacement cleats work just like other brands, like Shimano SPD cleats, except you get two full sets instead of just one. Test ride with a friend, fit to two pairs of spin shoes, or keep safe as replacement cleats. This sturdy set of all-rounder cycling cleats makes a connection with your spin bike you can feel. Standard 2-hole design brings a boost to your sports, exercise, spinning program or mountain biking adventures.
  • Look-X Track Series pedal compatible. These cleats are designed to be interchangeable with equivalent name brands. Precision design enhances power transfer from foot to pedal, to improve press distribution and efficiency, minimize fatigue and risk of injury. Whatever landscape lies ahead, you’ll cruise it with ease in these reliable, high performance spin cleats. Check out Everbeam's 9-Degree Float and 6-Degree Float cleats for compatibility with LOOK Delta systems and Shimano SPD-SL systems.
  • All hardware and tools included! No need to source the necessary screws and 4mm Allen wrench needed to attach these to your shoes. Clear instructions will help you to attach these cleats to your shoes in minutes. Adjust for precise alignment, and you’re ready to hit the road. Cleats retain form under duress and align with your soles.
  • Steel alloy construction makes these spinning cleats dependable, durable and ideal for high performance cycling. No matter what kind of riding you do--spin class, off road, competitive cycling, and even just commuting every day. Whatever landscape lies ahead, you’ll cruise it with ease in these reliable, high performance spin cleats.
  • Precision built with robust material for performance and durability. Every pair is rigorously tested to top-level standards to guard against wear, damage or breakages. So now you can keep your focus on track, trail or road, confident your cleats will do their job. Simply twist your heel to lock or go! Single Direction Release system means easy clip on & easy release.

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